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Will your stores be shown on Google Map?

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    Question Will your stores be shown on Google Map?

    If you have an online store and one or many other physical stores, you will think how customers visiting your website can easily search for your physical stores and the nearest shop with their residence. Owing to that, your customers can easily find your physical store(s) to go shopping the next time. The answer is Store Locator extension definitely. It owns every feature mentioned above to help you increase the profit. All you need is installing and configuring it for your store, and see how easily to manage it.

    In fact, many customers want to view and try the products directly before purchasing decision is made. So, they will try to find your physical stores which are the nearest to them. Therefore, store locator should be one of the most important features of your site then.

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    Store Locator Magento 2 allows your clients to easily find and see full list of your stores even the nearest stores to your clients' location and the available products of those stores that clients want to buy. Your stores will be shown on Google Map.

    Store Locator Magento 2 full features list

    + For customer
    Search stores by country, state/ province, city & zip code and search stores by distance

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    View full stores list with custom pin icon on Google map

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    Switch view mode seamlessly between map and satellite

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    View detail store with store information and store on map

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    + For Admin

    - Add all needed store information such as address, contact info, website, tags, images etc
    - Enter address or latitude and longitude to get the location on map or click on map to choose location
    - Store Locator Magento 2 allow you show StoreLocator link on top links or not and Change the title of top link

    If you like it, PLEASE VOTE

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    There is another alternative magento extension available to your store shown on google map.
    Magento 2 Extension: Store Locator
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    Great extension! There are the good thing for online store owner to shown on google map.

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    Using such feature in website makes it easy for the customers to easily find the nearest physical store.
    One can easily display store locations, service centers, & office location using Google Map.

    Also check this Advance Google Maps extension by FME which creates a store finder page in Magento website and allows your customers to locate the nearest store.
    This extension detects current location of the visitors and by using the "Get Directions" button, visitors get the shortest route to the physical store.


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    Thanks for all sharing!
    I also want to share another Store Locator for your Magento site to be easily discoverable on Google map
    Customer can quickly find out your store via via nation, state, zip code and suburb

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