Image presentation plays an important role in deciding the impression of customers with your site, however, it also has the bad impact- decreasing the website loading speed. Your customers will probably not satisfy with this uncomfortable experience and it will affect their buying decision.

Magento Lazy Image Loader Extension by BSSCommerce is one perfect solution for this problem.
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The principle of Lazy Image Loader is showing the product images only when customers scroll the page. Customers no longer have to waste time in waiting for pictures that they are not interested in. The satisfaction of customers may be converted to buying decision and lead to greater productivity for your store. Furthermore, this BSS Lazy Image Loader Extension does not harm SEO while another lazy image loader may do.

With Lazy Image Loader, the admin can manage the site more effectively and simply: Admin can customize how much “lazy” the image will be with “threshold” function. If you set threshold value= X, the next picture will be loaded when customer’ scroll is far from it X pixels. Admin can exclude some parts that they do not want to be affected by this extension like homepage, controllers and paths. Moreover, Magento Lazy Image Loader also supports Jquery.

As you can see, you can receive many advantages in only one extension. It is the reason that you should not hesitate to add BSS Lazy Image Loader Extension to your Magento site.

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