We are so interested in Magento 2.0, many questions regarding Magento 2.0 that people find every single day within our mailbox, forum and blog comments So within this publish, you'll obvious the mind about this.

what is magento 2?

Magento 2.0 may be the breakthrough from Magento 1.x, most professionals refer to this as Magento 2.0 may be the leading digital platform that is built on open-source technology, you can easily personalize, faster, effective and visual of controlling. Stuff that make Magento 2 becomes various and deserve the gigantic share of the market today may be the fully enhanced for online online store for example: integrate effective marketing features, internet search engine friendly, content management, intelligent store functions, These functions just like an effective spacecraft which has all functions useful in helping you approach every customer within the universe.
In an exceedingly short introduction, having a Magento 2 store, it can help you manage this stuff:
Should you prefer a stable, secure and simple to personalize solutions for your web business, Magento 2.0 won't ever cause you to disappointed.

In comparison to Magento 1.x, Magento 2.0 provides extensive advantages that push the performance of the store 20% faster.
Visual admin control panel
Wiser file structure
Cheaper to upgrade
20% faster performance
Advance versatility and Personalization
Auto testing, clearer code quality
More security
Use Jquery rather than Prototype


With lots of up-to-date technologies, Magento 2.0 is easily the most effective, good performance, secure, personalize Its the ultimate solution for everybody that has online retailers, should become typically the most popular solution for online companies.
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