We are running magento on VPS, which is facing a Numproc issue. According to our hosting provider, our server is exceeding the limit of numproc "400" & memory usage is also high. Because of this memory shortage our website faces "Memory Allocation" issues. We are using nginx & php-fpm handlers. They have also changed the MPM from worker to event.

Now my question is that, how can we control our memory. Is there any way through which before reaching the limit of "400" or memory of "90%" our services re-start automatically thus free up the resource that is occupied with unused processes. Restarting which service(apache, mysql or nginx) can help us gather back resources. Any tweak in config file that can help us distribute resources in better way.

BTW, memory usage on server status(on WHM) is always under 40%. Isn't this fishy.

I hope, i am able to describe my point over here. Please help us optimize the resources for better use.


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