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How to effectively boost your sales with Magento?

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    Default How to effectively boost your sales with Magento?

    The reason to choose Magento
    Magento is an E-commerce platform which generally built on open source technology, just like Joomla or Wordpress. Magento is used to provide online users known as merchants with a flexible shopping cart system, as well as control over the content and functionality of their online store. Its making Magento be one of the best E-commerce platform, comparing to WooCommerce and Shopify. Magento also offers powerful marketing, catalog-management and search engine optimization tools. With such high power, we all believe that Magento 2 will also be the king of E-commerce website. And such power can only be achieved through the best magento 2 extensions.
    The new power of Magento 2 extensions
    Together with the power of Magento 2 is the providing of many other best Magento 2 extensions. They are the solutions for the simple default Magento, and help store owners easily customize their online store. If you want to be the best in E-commerce world, you must use the best platform, as well as the best extensions. So what makes you hesitate anymore?
    The must have extension Magento product widget
    Have anyone just own an online store without a blog. But blog is just a place for sharing, isnt it? The answer is no, as you can gain sales even with a post in your blog. Dont limit the sales you can get from your products. Try Magento product widget and gain much sales now.

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    To effectively boost your sales you need good marketing and tools. And we will try to help you with tools.

    At first nothing can boost your sales such good as reviews. Reviews play an important part in building company’s image and increasing conversion rates. According to Invesp Consulting research, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and customers are likely to spend 31% more on a business with “excellent” reviews. So, after our own research in this field of ecommerce business we’ve developed our extension for Magento that will help you to obtain more reviews.

    Automated Review Reminder plugin for Magento
    - Reminds your customers to leave some feedback regarding the purchased products
    - Can send multiple email templates depending on the delay before sending
    - Flexible settings give ability to create an effective review reminding campaign based on your needs

    At second all your 'On Sale' products must be highlighted and perfectly visible. Our second plugin help you to do it.

    Products On Sale plugin for Magento

    - Highlights discounted products with a special badge on thumbnails
    - Moves products that are on sale to the top of category
    - Creates a separate "Sale" category with the discounted items there

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    1. Welcome your customers with a beautiful coupon popup

    When customers first land on your website, the first 5 seconds are the best moment to capture their attention and offer some really sweet deals to accelerate their online-shopping mood.

    Here’s an interesting idea: welcome your customers with a little popup that offers a discount code, if customers follow store’s social media or subscribe email for newsletter (or you just give away the discount code, without requiring customers to subscribe anything). This idea does you 2 favours at the same time: increase impulse purchase by offering discounts and grow your social followers / email list.

    Tool for you: Better Coupon Box is a great free tool to design discount coupon popups that match your store’s look and style, for example like this:

    Better Coupon Box

    2. Promote product ratings and reviews, just like Amazon

    If you’re familiar with ordering stuffs on Amazon, I have a good guess that you would read at least 5-10 first reviews of a product you intend to buy. Fair enough, because purchasing online is so risky (even on the most famous e-Commerce website like Amazon) that people need to reply on transparent and honest reviews from other buyers to make their decisions. Naturally, your shopper wants to know whether your product looks exactly like the one they see in the images on your website, or if it works exactly as advertised. Including product reviews instils confidence in your shoppers that your store sells things exactly as they have expected.

    Tool for you: Yotpo Reviews app helps Magento businesses generate tons of reviews and use them to drive qualified traffic and more sales.

    Yotpo Reviews

    3. Give awesome instant customer support

    Another great way to sprinkle personal touch on your customer service strategy is by allowing your customers to directly interact with you. Nothing beats the friendliness of a rather casually personal message sent on their social media chat box. This also gives you a bigger opportunity to be engaged with them and immediately assess their needs and personally cater to their demands in a much lesser time. Also, because social media is mostly accessed via smartphones, you can now perform customer support anytime and anywhere. Thus, Facebook is a great channel to do modern customer success now. Plus, you can consolidate your conversation history with all customers in Facebook page inbox, so you can come back anytime to catch up with and retain loyal customers.

    Tool for you: Quick Facebook Chat is an awesome free application to take your online customer support quality a notch higher.
    Quick Facebook chat

    4. Welcome new customers by email from store’s Founder

    Welcoming customers with an email directly from the founder/ store owner is similar to saying hello to your guests when they arrive at your party. Especially, a personal welcome email sent from one of the founders helps in establishing trust and cultivating a relationship as it is coming from a real person.

    Natural, your customers want to get in touch with a real person from the online store, because it makes them feel that this business is real and trustworthy. Receiving an email from the store’s owner would also make customers feel special of a personal touch.

    But can you do that manually for every customers? No, for sure. And that’s where automated email marketing solutions come down the road.

    Tool for you: Happy Email app that helps to send a thank-you email from YOU to your customers automatically, right after they make the first order, or signup for an account on your site.
    Happy Email

    5. Give Product Recommendation to sell effectively like Amazon

    70% of Amazon’s homepage is dedicated to product recommendation, let alone all other pages until the last page before customers leave the site. Why? The number says all, that product recommendation is the key strategy that makes Amazon the world’s largest e-Commerce website.

    So you think you should seriously do that now for your online store? But the problem is, Amazon runs such effective product recommendation thanks to its famous intensive recommendation system based on big data technology executed by a large technology department. How can you do the same for your Magento?

    Tool for you: Personalized Recommendation application is built to help small and medium online websites run product recommendation widgets just like Amazon.
    Optomize your OnPage and Get High Rank Google With - this toolkit - Serplify Pro Review

    Igloo Page Builder Create your Landing page and Sales Page for Page Builder - Buy it and Get Special Gift
    Feedback software for Small business- Convertifire Review - Bonus Free

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    5 Tips to Boost Sales for your Magento Store plus helpful FREE tools
    1. Welcome your customers with a beautiful coupon popup
    2. Promote product ratings and reviews, just like Amazon
    3. Give awesome instant customer support
    4. Welcome new customers by email from store’s Founder
    5. Give Product Recommendation to sell effectively like Amazon

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