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How to speed up Magento site?

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    Default How to speed up Magento site?

    Loading the saved information on site is a big issue leading to the page delay.

    BSSCommerce has developed an extension named Full Page Cache Extension that supports reducing page cache saved on your Magento site.

    BSS Full Page Cache Extension assesses that your content on site is always updated and immediately shown up with the auto refresh cache system by BSS Magento Full Page Cache (Magento fpc).

    The extension also supports:
    Improve your Magento site load time by flushing page cache
    Mobile themes
    Access to cache custom pages
    VARIABLE currencies/stores/languages
    New multi-level cache to serve pages even faster
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    Full Page Cache helps you achieve blazingly fast page load time. This considerably optimizes your Magento page load time and allows your server to handle many more requests!

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    If you are running Magento store, Full Page Cache extension is the great solution to speed up the performance of website.

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    Only pay $79 (discounted 20%) with Coupon AS20 in Happy Australia Day for installing it from Magegiant,

    many helpful features are supported:

    - Fully custom cache by actions, helpers
    - Dynamic Blocks caching
    - Custom block caching capability
    - .htaccess configuration: Etags, Compression, Expire headers
    - Get Full Page Cache (a different version from the EE one), even on CE version
    - Cache warmer
    - Configuration clean catalog cache on each order.
    - Compatibility for CDN
    - Debug mode
    - Possibility to limit cache size
    - The mod supports native Magento mechanisms: Memcache, APC, REDIS, File Cache, Database
    - Mobile themes support
    - Multi currencies sites support
    - Support for SSL
    - Automatic Cache Refresh
    - Optimized storage usage

    Contact us to learn more and get FREE SUPPORT from the enthusiastic technical team!
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    In order to speed up Magento you need to sign up with a quality hosting company.

    Some of other steps to speed up Magento are:
    • Upgrade to the latest Magento version
    • Full page cache
    • Enable compression (gzip)
    • Optimize CSS
    • Uninstall un-necessary extensions
    • Clean the database
    • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
    • Enable Apache KeepAlives
    • Minimize redirects

    To speed up Magento, I would suggest to try Magento Optimization Services by FME.

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    Do you know that a fast site can place your site higher in search engines and directly increase profits? Five best ecommerce companies including Amazon, Esty, Alibaba, Asos, ebay stated that every 100ms of latency costs them nearly 2% in profit. Why you don’t make your site faster. Cmsideas has released Magento Full Page Cache that helps your site run at its fastest.
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    You can also check out this Full Page Cache extension. The features include:

    - Magento loads pages much-much faster
    - Huge decrease of your server load
    - Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
    - Dynamic blocks / "hole punch" support
    - Includes cache crawler!

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