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OnGoBuyo- Create Mobile App for Your Magento Store

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    Contus M-Comm is readily built magento mobile app solution and it is also very simple to customize. This solution can be employed for in-app purchases, creating a magento shopping cart app for eCommerce stores and so on. This solution has been subjected to many feature enhancements like being appended with AR(augmented reality), iBeacon,etc.

    Speciality of Contus M Comm:

    Contus M-Comm is a rich solution in terms of the underlying framework, features and design. Now let us see what makes this readymade solution for magento mobile app development

    Native Coding: To ensure performance efficiency will be built using native coding techniques.
    Push Notifications: As a store owner, you can send notifications about new product arrivals, deals & discounts to your customers frequently
    Buddies talk: Your app will just not be confined to shopping purposes. Users can call with a touch, exchange information and so on.
    Reward Points: Improve customer loyalty by offering reward points to your customers for activities such as regular product purchase, new customer referral and so on.
    Payments: Your Mobile Commerce app will support all major payment gateways and 100% secure against any attacks.
    Auto sync: The alterations performed by store owner in the website backend gets automatically reflected in your mcommerce app.

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