Vultr is one of the fastest growing cloud hosting infrastructure providers in the world today. It has been able to achieve this growth because of a number of reasons with the major being low latency server provision as its data centers are located in 7 countries across the 4 continents of the world.

Launching a Vultr cloud is not much of a hassle if you are acquainted with the technical knowledge. You can host a complex content management system, for e.g. Magento, on your Vultr cloud. All you would need is a sound knowledge of the technical details. Sounds tough? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the toughest one, I would rate it 9.

So, its really tough to host Magento on Vultr.

However! If you are a Cloudways customer, it is a matter of minutes and you really do not need much technical knowledge. In fact, all you need is a general know-how of internet and how hosting works since Cloudways is providing Managed Vultr Hosting on its platform.

Read here complete tutorial:

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