Hi, forgive me if this is the wrong category for the question.

first a little info:
  • Running Magento ver.
  • 3 store front setup
  • I have recently (a few months ago) adjusted prices across all products using "save the mage" Bulk Update All Product Prices - FREE Magento Extension.

Now i have the problem that some products have the wrong price. And for some reason I can not change them when logged in as admin.

One of my products, when looking at standard values:
Price = 3248
Special price = 3248

when looking second store front (DK, the site the users sees)
price = 3196
special price = 3248

Right, so the price on the website shows as 3196 - but when i log in as admin and replace 3196 with 3248, clicks save, nothing is saved.

I hope the info is sufficient, and that someone is able to help. I have no idea where to start looking for an explanation for this.

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