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Does WC3 Validation effect eCommerce website's SEO values?

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    Search engines are how most of your customers look for services. If you can convert the leads that are coming to your website at a high rate, then getting more leads to your website means more revenue.

    Some people have heard that having a site that validates is one of the 200 factors that Google uses to rank sites. This means that your website comforms to coding practices laid out by the World Wide Web Consortium, the group that is responsible for web standards. You can test your own site for free with the online Validator tool on their website. Go ahead and run a test, I’ll wait.

    What you’ll probably see is that your site returned some errors. This might freak you out. You may think your site is broken, but usually these errors are not a big deal. Modern browsers render pages with these small errors just fine. Google has said several times that they have to return results for all pages, not just ones that validate.

    Google’s own page does not validate according to the W3C (because they are trying to save bytes). But there are a few cases of errors that you should pay attention to and get fixed.

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    In general, W3C validation would naturally be seen as something beneficial for SEO. Validating your website is important because there are code errors that can cause serious styling issues from a web design perspective. These are generally the types of errors that also cause a Googlebot not to render.
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