Retailers are facing a challenge when it comes to mastering m-commerce. More consumers are using retail shopping apps even while they are still shopping in the store. Companies are seeing mobile traffic higher more than ever before. The development of the e-commerce industry has resulted in a more autonomous shopping experience and retailers are turning their focus to expanding their digital presence. According to a survey from Apptentive.

- 61% use retail shopping apps at least once a month
- 26% are brand loyalists who use the app at least 7 times per month.
- Another important finding from this survey is that 51% of mobile app users use retail shopping apps while shopping in-store. The reasons for doing so related to promotion programs they can get from their app.

To have an overview of current retail shopping apps ‘ trending and make a prediction how is the future of them. It's the time you need to invest in creating Magento on mobile devices.

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