This topic can be used to discuss any questions about the Dolphin bug triage event which I will start soon. To help us triaging Dolphin's bugs, have a look at the wiki page that we use for coordinating this event and pick a batch of bugs to work on.

No he doesnt want to watch them for me as well!!! dman you vip's!! think your so important aye!! i'll put you in a lake!! (i did....annoying up themselves masoganistic bastards!!)
I will check this out in the game myself, b/c I think you should be able to edit his/her path to the fireworks and I'm guessing that if they don't watch then maybe the frieworks are worthy enough for them to watch. If that's the case, pick that VIP up by the back of his/her neck and throw em in the lake!!! Good Luck!

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