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Search Items Never Easier With Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation. Price Slider Support

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    Default Search Items Never Easier With Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation. Price Slider Support

    Magento Ajax-based Layered Navigation Extension comes with Ajax Price Slider for Magento catalog faster and easier. And, the extension lets your customers to search items by applying multiple attributes.

    Apart from ajax layered navigation and price slider, the extension also provides a number of additional user-interface elements for the layered navigation, such as color swatches, size selectors and check boxes. These useful options help you create a more meaningful, interactive experience for your user.

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    Outstanding Feature:

    1. Magento AJAX Layered Navigation Includes Price Slider

    The Magento AJAX Layered Navigation comes with price slider. It lets customers filter products in the catalog by price range. Users can see products in certain price range as per their choice.

    2. AJAX for layered navigation

    When you enable ajax functionalities to Magento Layered Navigation lists. The catalog lists will appear without refreshing the page.

    3. Ajax for Price Slider

    Ves AJAX for layered navigation lets users see products in certain price range as their choice. All you need is to move the slider right or left applies the desired price filter on the products catalog

    4. Change price Slider Skin

    This ajax price slider is not only easy to use but it can be customized with multiple skin support such as: Skin Flat, Skin Nice, Skin HTML5, Skin Modern, Skin Simple

    5. AJAX for product Toolbar

    As usual when seeking a list of products, they have to constantly go from one page to another. Leaving and loading new pages which makes the process quite inconvenient and not so user friendly. This Magento Ajax layered navigation lets our customers see all the products in a category without reloading the page

    6. Compatibility with Configurable Swatches

    With our Magento ajax layered navigation filter you can display watches on list of filters. Multiple filter selections can be made for attributes (size, color, etc.) through checkboxes.

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    Hi all! You can also check out this advanced extension - Improved Layered Navigation which combines 7 different mods!

    Seo layered navigation
    Shop by brands
    Ajax Layered Navigation
    Layered navigation filters
    Advanced categories menu
    Layered Navigation pro
    Price sliders and other numeric filters

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