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Best Magento extensions

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    Quote Originally Posted by thuybk View Post
    What is the best Magento extensions? Please tell me!
    Can you please share for which purpose you need it? So I can suggest you best one magento extension.

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    There are a number of extensions and every extension has its own functionality. In this way we can't suggest you the best extension. Please let me know your requirement , this helps to suggest you the best one for your usage.

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    It's hard to tell you what Magento extensions are the best without having your functionality requirements.
    But if to speak about extensions that are useful for any Magento store, here they are:

    Magento Full Page Cache increases pages load speed which is good for user experience and SEO.
    Magento Color Swatches Pro greatly improves presentation of configurable products.
    Magento Special Promotions helps to create advanced cart price rules and launch promo campaigns to increase sales.
    Magento Free Gift adds a free product with particular purchase which increases customers' loyalty.
    Magento Custom Stock Status adds speaking labels to products: you can show how many items are in stock; highlight fast shipping options, etc.

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    Hi Thuybk,
    People say that there are a lot of Magento Extensions. I thinks we need to find this extension, which is comfortable with us. Maybe you need it or not. You should see your site. Something is that, something isnt.
    You can follow to date, holiday and need of site. I hope so.
    If you explain more, the other can help you better.

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    Hi! I suggest you trying these must have extensions:

    1. Customer Balance & Rewards module for Magento helps to stimulate customers to purchase regularly from your store, increase social activity and brand awareness.
    2. Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento helps to enlarge products functionality in minutes by adding advanced custom options to products.
    3. Product Price Formula extension for Magento helps to calculate the product price based on product options and your custom math formula.
    4. Magento Form Builder extension helps to create advanced custom forms for your store, or beautiful email templates within the WYSIWYG editor.
    5. Quick Buy + AJAX Search extension for Magento helps your customers to find products and form a new order in minutes.

    You can find more useful extensions here:

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    Configurable Product Wholesale Display for Magento 2 extension will bring a new display for configurable product in Magento 2.

    The module shows all associated products in a grid table view which allows wholesale customers to order and add all chosen items to cart at once.

    - Show associated products in the grid table
    - Add multiple products to cart at once
    - Support Advanced Tier Price
    - Work with default Color swatch function with clickable options
    - Work well with configurable product with many attributes
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    I want to suggest some more useful Magento 2 Extensions:
    1) Best seller products
    2) Shop by brand
    3) Google translate integration
    4) Product reviews
    5) Call for price
    Hope it helps you.

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    We've made a review system for Magento v1.5-v1.9 web stores, which can be useful for your eShop if you mind using reviews on product pages.
    Since our customers possess this extension as one of the best for Magento, I think it worth to be mentioned here.

    Extension includes various features, some of them are
    - Custom review forms
    - Review Reminder
    - Rich snippets + SEO
    - Additional review tabs
    - Social Sharing
    - Voting and commenting on reviews

    You may check our page on Magento Connect where you may find more information about our extension and check feedbacks of our customers.
    Magento Connect page:
    It may also be interesting for you to check its demo at or landing page at

    Hope you will find it helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    MageWorkshop Team

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    There are some important magento extensions.
    1- Matrixrate,
    2- Olark.
    3- Bronto,
    4- XML Map Creator,
    5- Optimizely,
    6- yotpo,
    7- fooman google analytics,
    8- layered navigation,
    9- on-page checkout.

    .net software development company

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    You might have discovered that Magento basic setup doesn’t satisfy 100% of your needs. It’s only a basic version of a platform, which cannot preview all possible business solutions and needs. So, the necessary tools and options should be added manually. The Web and Magento Connect store offer social marketing and automation tools, better catching systems, conversion optimizers, email management, currency/shipping conversions and much more. It might be a challenge to select the right solutions and to add them. Trying to make this task easier, I share this shortlist of more than dozen useful extensions for your store. They don’t take much time to be installed. You may find a good solution you had been looking for, or find something new and useful you had not even been thinking about. The plugins are not listed in descending or ascending order: there is no ranking, as these are plugins for different purposes.

    . Advanced Content Manager - Advanced Content builder extension for Magento 2 web store assists administrator to create a variety of content types, eg. portfolio, testimonial, gallery, news, lookbook... conveniently and effectively. Similar to creating attribute sets for the product on a store, this extension facilitates you to make different content types using available data fields. Once you have created a content type, the extension will automatically generate a page without you having to setup a certain CMS page for it. In addition, Advanced content manager extension does help administrator to create many other custom forms. As far as you can see, the default contact page in Magento cannot meet your demands since you have to add more fields to the form to turn it into a friendly-looking but working form. However, you are not a developer yourself so life seems not to be easy then. Forget about this limitation because our advanced Content extension is far beyond what you thought possible. Another disadvantage of the default form lies in the fact that it only tolerates one email address to receive contact details, but our extension offers more than that.

    . Responsive Slideshow - Slideshow homepage is usually paid highest attention by visitors. So, it's one of the most important in your website. Magento Slideshow extension allows you to easily making a beautiful slideshow for your website. Magento Image Slider Extension is believed to be practically useful Magento Extensions for any websites based on Magento platform. It's designed and developed with responsive design to meet all screen size and all devices. It's also designed with many advanced features which facilitate administrator to manage Slideshow from back end panel. At front end, our Magento SlideShow can be viewed smoothly with various effects.

    . Mega Menu - Main menu is one of the most important parts of a website. It is expected to include all necessary information and navigate the users to major pages of the website, moreover, it can flexibly display all categories or whatever content on a mouse-over without going through cumbersome steps. With our best experience, Magento Mega Menu is developed and optimized to allow both user and admin who don’t need to be developers themselves to manage effortlessly all information which they want to show on main navigation of a Magento website such as: categories, products, text contents, images, video, forms...

    . Store Locator - If you have an online store and one or many other physical stores, you will think how customers visiting your website can easily search for your physical stores and the nearest shop with their residence. Owing to that, your customers can easily find your physical store(s) to go shopping the next time. The answer is Store Locator extension definitely. It owns every feature mentioned above to help you increase the profit. All you need is installing and configuring it for your store, and see how easily to manage it.

    . One Step Checkout - Do you know that 44% of customers quit the transaction right at the checkout process? Do you know these 44% of customers is frustrated because of complicated checkout page? Do you know that you can almost earn 1.5 times your current revenue each day? Well, that's why you need an extension of One Step Checkout in Magento.

    . Daily Deals - Discounting products is one of the best ways to attract customers. In fact, a website having steady promotion programs or share groupon or daily deals will create a big demand for purchasing and attracting customers to return to it every day. With using of our Deal Extension Magento, you can make sale-off programs more powerful than ever.

    There are many other useful extension, more references: ® Magento Extensions
    Try your Magento 2 Portfolio extension download FREE and let me know about it. Join Magento Club Themes - Pay just once but get a bunch of benefits


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