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The effective way to improve customer’s truth

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    Default The effective way to improve customer’s truth

    Do you think showing to your customers how much goods you sold is one of the effective ways to improve customers’ truth?

    To make great efficiency from this strategy, the number of orders, invoices, shipments or memos should be very large. However, in Magento default, the number of goods sold just increases one by one; therefore you cannot change the information or use it as the good method to attract more customers!

    Now, with Custom Order Number extension, you can apply this indirect marketing method without worrying that the number of goods sold is too small. By using this extension, you can:

    • Automatically modify the number of the next order at ease
    • Easily set up the new invoice number
    • Effortlessly customize different shipment number
    • Smoothly alter updated credit memo number

    ONLY $35 for these great features with FREE update, FREE install and support!


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    For Magento 2, you can refer Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension, which helps you customize the sale numberings especially order number and invoice number. You can change order number start, add prefix/ suffix, order increment id as you want.

    This module includes features like:

    - Create a flexible order number format with letters and various variables: Counter, Date, Random Number, Store ID,...

    Name:  custom_order_number_format.png
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Size:  29.6 KB

    - Set number start, increments and padding for Counter variable

    Name:  setting_counter_variable.png
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Size:  42.7 KB

    - Use order number as invoice, shipment and credit memo number or custom the new numbering for them

    Name:  change_invoice_number_-_same_as_order_number.png
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Size:  34.3 KB

    - Reset counter manually or configure to reset daily, weekly, monthly, yearly automatically
    - Customize unique numbers and set individually counter for each store view

    Choose Magento 2 Custom Order Number extension and you’ll be provided FREE Installation | FREE 1-Year Support | FREE Update | 30-Day Money Back.

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