So you just built your brand new website using Magento Commerce. Youve customized your design, added products, created categories, and have the store configured perfectly. But theres one problem. Your website has no traffic and consequently zero sales. Thats a huge problem and were going to give you some free advice on how to fix it. This article is perfect for beginners and non-tech savvy store owners but even those with advanced skills may learn something!

Setup Google Analytics

This isnt really SEO advice perse, but you wont know where your traffic is coming from if you dont have some type of analytics. We recommend Google Analytics because a) its free, and b) its awesome. If youve already created your Google Analytics account, login to Magento and go to System > Configuration > Sales > Google API > Google Analytics and paste your account number in the Account Number field. It should look something like this: UA-XXXXXXX-X. Magento works with Google Analytics out of the box so you dont have to do anything else to integrate the two.

Register Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is great for website owners. You can view exactly how Google sees your site and find any problems that may occur when they crawl your pages.

Auto Redirect Base-URL using 301 Redirects
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