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Express Checkout + SSL

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    Default Express Checkout + SSL

    Dear all,

    My Magento store is using shared hosting service and SSL is registering with shared SSL.

    I have check the SSL has been install successfully by SSL checker, also changed DNS correctly, and the site is reachable by non-ssl http:// for frontend and admin.

    My mission only wants to use Express Checkout, and turn "Yes" to "Transfer Shipping Options" allows Paypal return me the shipping method, we don't want every page run by SSL at frontend.

    Some blogs are saying turn "Yes" to "Use Secure URLs in Frontend", then Magento will bring us to https when doing checkout. As the result, the http:// not responds at frontend, and only response https://.

    I am a new developer in Magento, is any expert here able to give me some instruction to solve above problem.

    ASTON M.

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    Hi Astonmak, You can contact your hosting provider and ask them to load your website in https:// though the user tries to load it with http:// this would resolve your issue.
    Also for Express checkout SSL is not required for your website.

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