I want to Implement Single Article Tax of Tennessee in Magento.


There are only 3 products that we have that would fall into this category and the only time THESE 3 products would fall into that category is if they are sold to a customer in the state of Tennessee. The single article tax amount for TN is $1,600.00 which is 9.75%, the remaining amount would only be taxed at 7%.

The three items would be SKU# 126 $3,995.00 SKU# 146 $5,495.00 SKU# 156 $6,295.00

According to the TN Single Article Code, we can only charge our state and local tax (9.75%) on the first $1,600. Anything thereafter is charged only the state rate of 7%.

For example, on a 126, the calculation would be:

$3,995, less $1,600 comes to $2,395.00 The first $1,600 is taxed at regular rate of 9.75 percent, which comes to $156.00
The remaining $2,395 is taxed at the rate of 7%, which comes to $167.65
Total Tax is $323.65

Note: I want to setup this in magento tax. Can anybody help me?

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