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Product File Upload Magento Extension

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    Default Product File Upload Magento Extension

    Using our easy to use Advance Product File Upload Extension, the admin of any e-commerce site can easily add new feature and functionality to its store, offering better and feature rich shopping experience to its customers.

    You can help your merchants to add new feature to their e-store by configuring advance product file upload extension. This will help them offer their shoppers an improved shopping experience.

    Core Features

    • Add Multiple Files

    Using this extension, admin can upload as many files as required to their products section! It allows file uploading and attaching the uploaded files to different products specified during attachment.

    • Specific File Types Allowed

    Once the advance product file upload is configured, admin can upload the file upload title or a default upload title would be displayed. This extension would allow specific file types i.e. PDF, JPG, PNG, DOC, XLS, or media files also like wmv, mp3, etc. which the admin can add or delete from admin panel.

    • Uploads Multiple Files Simultaneously

    This extension can upload as many files as required in a single click

    • Upload Files Globally

    Similar file can be uploaded in multiple products in single click using Global file upload feature

    • Upload File URLs

    You can add file URLs of specific file instead of uploading file from your system

    • Upload Files In Bulk

    Using CSV Import facility, file can be uploaded in bulk

    • File Size Available

    Now the size of the file can be displayed next to the file

    • Displays File Type

    Now file type can be displayed in the frontend in the form or an icon

    • Display File Description

    Short description of the uploaded file can be displayed in a tooltip block that will be displayed in the frontend.

    • Files be Uploaded in Product Information Page

    Specific description about the relevant file types can be added in global file upload functionality.

    • Upload Files in Multiple Store

    Admin can add as many rows as required to upload new files box to upload more files to a particular product. Files can be managed as per the stores selected. Admin can manage and upload files in different stores! The sorting of various files can be managed by admin, which will be displayed to the admin as well as the customer in the same sequence.

    • Files Displayed to Customers under Price Block

    The uploaded files will be displayed to the customers in the frontend under the price block, which is a default display position for files. Customers can view the files with its downloadable links for easy download.

    Customers Gain

    • Easy to install and user-friendly
    • Easily to further customize
    • Add value and feature to the e-commerce site
    • We offer 6 months free support, from the date of purchase without any additional charge.
    • We also offer 15-days money back guarantee

    Now allow your customers (online merchants) to offer improved and feature-rich shopping experience to their customers.

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    Impressive post, very detailed description you have posted, thanks a lot for sharing it here.

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    You can use this Product attachments extension which comes with dual features to let merchants attach files under product, CMS pages as well as create a separate attachments page for merchants to upload files under one page.

    For more details -

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing!

    You can also check this Downloads & Attachments Anywhere extension for Magento that will help to add downloadable files to your product pages, CMS pages as well as customers’ dashboards.
    Check it out:

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    Great tool! I'd also like to share Product Attachments Magento 2 Extension. It's a perfect tool that allows store owners to upload multiple file attachments for every product.

    Name:  product-attachments-info-block.png
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    This module helps visitors get more information about the product such as features, prices, demo, user guide, features, etc. Store owners can upload multiple file types such as pdf, docx, jpg, jpeg, png, ppt, docs, images, etc.

    This will empower a better customer experience in your online store enabling them to check all product details before making a purchase. Also, this module helps to make your product page informative and easily convince visitors to buy products without any hesitation.

    Live Demo: Product Attachment Extension For Magento 2

    Key Features:
    • Easy To Install & Manage
    • Enable/Disable From Backend
    • Support Multi-Store Environment
    • Applies On Product Detail Page
    • Shows Attached Files
    • Supports Multiple File Types
    • Unlimited Attachmenet Files
    • Role Based Access

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