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Magento Full Page Cache

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    Hi all, have you heard about Magento Full Page Cache by CMSmart ?

    Magento Full Page Cache Extension reduces your site's latency, increases your Web server request rate, reduces database load, and will make your site much more responsive feeling for your customers.

    How it works

    Magento Full Page Cache is the best extension you can get to speed up your online shop. It allows all elements and aspects of the site being stored in the cache so that the content will be displayed promptly. When an user visiting a webpage for the first time, Magento generates and delivers a page to the visitors and automatically save a copy of it to the cache.

    Each subsequent time when the user request arrives, the system does not request Magento to generate a page, but returning the copy of the page from cache.This greatly reduces database and server load. An extension significantly increases the load speed of your Magento store.

    Performance is always a critical aspect of any Web application. Magento Full Page Cache extension, the easy solution for enhancing website performance has been on the go aiming at a better shopping experience for customers. Let build an extremely responsive and fast website with our extension so that you can optimize your website potential appealing more and more clients to the site.

    All features:
    - Accurate full page cache.
    - Support hole punch
    - User-friendly configuration
    - Bring a 90% faster time loading page
    - Significantly enhance website capacity and bandwidth
    - Customizing with flushing cache

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    Here is another useful Full Page Cache on Magento Connect. This extension helps to reduce loading time to improve site performance and bring better experience for customers.
    In addition, using Defer JavaScript is also very good for speeding Magento sites because it defers JavaScript loading till the last moment after loading all HTML and CSS

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    Hello all,

    I would also add this extension - Full Page Cache by Amasty

    Some of its features include:

    - Magento loads pages much-much faster
    - Huge decrease of your server load
    - Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
    - Dynamic blocks / "hole punch" support
    - Includes cache crawler!

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    Magento 2 Defer JavaScript extension is also available to help speed up all Magento sites by deferring parsing of JavaScript till the last moment after all HTMl and CSS.
    No code changes - Just install this module and your Magento site is speed up effectively!

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