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How to Set Up One Page Checkout on Magento

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    First off you can just go through the standard options to enable it – normally this would already be enabled by default. If for some reason it’s been turned off you can go to System -> Configuration. Scroll down to the Sales section on the left hand side and click Checkout. Simply set “Enable Onepage Checkout” to yes:

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    You’ll also notice that whilst here you can set to allow for guest checkout. This is highly recommended for nearly every retailer as it helps to avoid new customer drop off during a registration process. It’s worth mentioning too, that in the next section “Shopping Cart” you can stop the customer being pushed to the basket page after each addition, as I mentioned earlier.

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    If you are using a Magento site, this One Step Checkout is very useful with checking quickly and easily in 1 page only . Customers don’t need to go through many steps like in the default, just filling all information in the only interface

    + Display all elements for checking out in only 1 page so that customers can complete it easier without experiencing many steps

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    + Auto detect customer places and autocomplete customer addresses by Google Suggest when they just type some letters

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    + Auto update information when related ones change: update order review when shipping methods change, update shipping methods when shipping addresses change and update billing addresses when shipping addresses change
    + Allow customers to choose their dates and times to receive orders and also leave comments
    + Support multiple payment methods
    + Add more options to the checkout page such as discount code, gift message and newsletter subscription
    + Show delivery date and delivery comment information in the order details from the backend

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    Hello there,

    Great extension!

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    The Magento One Step Checkout Extension greatly simplifies the checkout process by allowing customers to simply fill all the order details in one single form without having to refresh the web page. A complicated check out process generally results in high abandoned cart rates. Ecomextension has specially designed a one step checkout process to convert the standard six steps of the Magento Checkout and reduced it to just one step.

    Good luck!

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