Hi all,

Have you ever accidentally deleted any product, category, customer or cms page... from your store? And then, What did you do? Re-create new data for deleted items? However, how do you do to link new items with related records?

We are very glad to announce to you that CRM4Ecommerce has just released new extension Magento Recycle Bin - an useful extension for enhance the power of magento store when allow managing and restoring the data that are deleted unlike as we wish. The bellow is details information of this extension.

Outstanding Features:
+ Create virtual recycle bin for 15 magento data types includes: Products, Product's Attributes, Attribute Sets, Categories, Product's Reviews, Customers, Customer's Addresses, Customer's Groups, Catalog Price Rules, Shopping Cart Price Rules, Newsletter Templates, Newsletter Subscribers, CMS Pages, CMS Static Blocks, CMS Widgets.
+ Allow store's owners can actively delete permanently or restore intactly deleted items (unchanged data id) in recycle bin.
+ Statistic rate of restored items on all of deleted items.
+ Compatible with all versions of Magento CE & EE since the 1.3.
+ Not open source.

A Short User guide:
+ To try experience with Recycle Bin, let log in Admin panel (recyclebin / recyclebin123$) or select Access Demo Extension Recycle Bin >> Click Login button.
+ Let delete any product, attribute set, category, customer or catalog price rule...
+ Open CRM4Ecommerce Extensions >> Recycle Bin >> Deleted Items, you will see the item that you have just deleted was moved to recycle bin.
+ Select items that you want restore, change grid action to Restore Data and then click Submit to restore data for selected items.

By using this extension, we believe that your store will be stronger and safer.
Wish you success and have great moments with our products and services.

Best regards,
CRM4Ecommerce TEAM.

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