After releasing the new extension: Visual Magento Form Builder: There are tons of customer interested in this magento form builder thanks to it's mazing features.

Hence, we created a video tutorial to help you to create any kind of form easily. Please watch this video tutorial here:

If you looking for it's feature please see it below

Now please take a quick look at it's amazing features here:

1. Drag & Drop Form Builder
2. Visual Content Creator
3. Multiple Input Types and file type
4. Message Manager
5. Create Unlimited Form
6. Add to Any Position

Magento Form Builder Feature List

Create Unlimited Form
Add unlimited fields
Design right from admin
Visual Backend Form Builder
Support of multiple input types: Text, Paragraph, Checkboex, Multiple Choice, Date, Dropdown, Time, Number, Website, Email, Price, Address..
Drag & Drop Interface
Inserting form links in any Magento area
Automatic email notifications
Customizable notifications templates
Customizable form appearance
Before/After Form Content
Enable/Disable Popup form
Add Capcha to any form
Admin can send mail and / or save result to database.
Configure email in case form result needs to be send by mail
Add custom html to any form.
Free Upgrade'

For More information, please visit here:

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