With Card Design Tool Trigger Your Card Business

Let your customers Design the Cards Before they actually Purchase

If you’re running an online store, it’s time to live with the trend! Keeping pace with popular trend is of the essence, given the changing shopping behavior of millennial generation!

Cards are the most popular and widely used piece of expression by all. Personalized designing can add new flavor of affection and emotion and there cannot be any better platform to exhibit one’s emotional quotient?

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Exclusive Features of Card Design Tool – USER

1. Upload Personal Image

Customers can also upload any personalized image apart from taking images from clipart and use it on the cards and also add features like redo, undo, alignment etc.

2. Customers Can Customize Image

Customers can change card image (front or back side of the card) and card color.

3. Clipart/Text can be Added

Clipart will have number of categories with images and text functionality with several fonts for designing card.

4. Customers can Save Design

Customers can save their design in their account to use it later instead of ordering instantly.

5. Design Preview

After designing cards, customers can preview the newly designed card image.

Exclusive Features of Card Design Tool – ADMIN

1. Price Customization

You can set prices for various types of designs like, clipart, text, and personally uploaded images by the customers and can also set price for fixed design area.

2. Handle Art Gallery

You can handle text style and clip art gallery and can add clipart categories and images.

3. Upload Different Font Styles

Upload different fonts that will be displayed in the frontend. Add Google fonts, select fonts while configuration, which will be displayed in frontend. Upload color swatch images in “color” attribute, which will be displayed in frontend.

4. Set Design Area

Set the area of design that your customers would work on for designing the card.

5. Upload Color Swatch Images

Admin can upload different color swatch images to define different colors.

Points to Note

Card Design Extension works for easily configurable products only.
It works with default ‘Color’ attribute.
Design areas should be set for all type of cards if it has been enabled for all cards.
It does not work with Magento 1.4 and lower versions.
It does not work with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
It may not work property with custom theme, some customization will be required.

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