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CMS Mart : BE VERY CAREFUL before you purchase... our experience

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    Thumbs down CMS Mart : BE VERY CAREFUL before you purchase... our experience

    We had a recent experience with them and it did not go well at all, they did NOT fix their product or stand behind it and we were treated like garbage... even after giving them more money than our client did to make the original purchase.

    Our client purchased their Magento Printing Industry Website theme... for $250 US.

    His internal team could not install the theme and get it to work despite having an internal team of 15 programmers... we specialize in the web-to-print industry and have been the leader for Magento web-to-print solution's since 2009. All we do is work with online printing companies and we have worked with every theme and extension out there. We have also developed 20+ proprietary web-2-print extensions for pricing, file uploads, online proofing, an Adobe In-design based Online Design app and much more. We had never worked with the CMS Mart theme or their extensions but we had seen their ads.

    We stepped in to help our client and immediately started with a fresh install. And there were problems immediately. So I went the CMS Mart website and was ready to open a support ticket, but then saw I could order their installation for $50. We bill $250 an hour and we already have 3 hours into the issues we were having so this sounded too good to be true. Once everything was working ,we would go back and configure the storefront for our client. I paid the $50 and opened up a ticket and gave all details.. order number, license code, FTP info, Magneto admin, links etc.

    It was a Friday when I placed order for installation ,so it took over the weekend but come Monday the install was done. Their ticketing system does not notify you via email so you have to login to check ticket status and when I did, there was a note from one of their staff members and they said it was completed, please leave a 5 star review!

    So we dove in and started testing and that's when we realized most of the same errors were still there and there were also new ones. So we did a detailed overview of the site and took notes and two days later opened up a new ticket asking for help fixing the problems. And these in, my option, are pretty big error for a developer to be making on a $250 theme.

    Order Upload and General Configuration extensions cannot load as you have the name space spelled wrong:

    Is supposed to be: Cmsmart_GeneralConfig.xml

    When we make change and get extensions to load, then I get blank page at:

    Console does not report any errors.

    Also, blank page at:

    Header Logo was sticking and once it went up to 200% in size it got stuck and would not re-size back down.

    Their File Upload extension refused to work, and the Flash file up loader would not display.

    And there were 8 other smaller issues that we reported. I tried signed up for their forum and I got a database error.

    So a day later, we get their reply which was an absolute SHOCK. They accused us of stealing (not buying is stealing) the theme and refused to do any further work.... I couldn't believe it, or their tone in accusing FIRST and not even asking for the Order Number and License Code (which we put on the original installation request ticket when we paid an additional $50.00).

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    The theme was of course purchased by the VP Technology at Mongolia largest printing firm who has over 400+ employees, over $1B in annual revenue. For his privacy, I don't need to post any of his info here..

    And the theme still sits unused and $300 wasted.. nothing works. File Upload, Price Matrix, ...


    PrintTech Consulting

    PrintX Development Studios

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    Our cloodo system records your ticket:

    The login details (for anyone who wants to check his ticket):

    username: printtech
    password: printtech

    Let other people know how we worked together on your issues on magento printshop theme.

    All your words are non-sense to what you did in our helpdesk 3 months ago.

    And you gave us the wrong order number of your customer, that's why we stopped supporting you
    If you found the correct order number, you would have been supported right.
    Here is the proof:
    You just gave the correct order number 2 days ago:
    while your ticket was closed 2 months ago.
    We stated very clearly in the overview of that once a ticket is closed, we'll never consider it again. You must open a new issue

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