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Top 8 powerful Magento SEO tips

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    Default Top 8 powerful Magento SEO tips

    SEO is very popular and necessary for every site disregarding platform the site is built on. However, it is the most important thing that how to optimize SEO to get high rank in search engine.
    For Magento, you can try some following tips to enhance your SEO on your site
    1. Update the Latest Version Of Magento Platform
    2. Update URL
    3. Use proper keywords
    4. Optimize product images
    5. Avoid Duplicate Content
    6. Speed up your site
    7. Generate a Google Sitemap
    8. Modify Robots.txt File

    For more detailed information, please go to to get full methods.

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    Top 8 Powerful Magento SEO Tips,

    Install The Latest Version Of Magento
    Simplify Your URLs
    Rewrite Server URL
    Add Custom Meta Tags
    Optimise Categories
    Avoid Duplicate Content
    Optimise Magento Store For Speed
    Optimise Product Images

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