Order Import Extension for Magento enables users to transfer orders to another ecommerce store in one go during migration. A busy ecommerce store sees a bulk of orders on a daily basis. It's a challenge to process each order when migrating to another ecommerce store!

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Order Import Features:
  • Enable and disable module, change log file name through system config.
  • Simplifies the task of importing orders when migrating to another Magento installation.
  • Automates the import process and reduces manual efforts.
  • Supports CSV file formats. Is 100% open source and meets all the Magento programming guidelines.

Order Export Features:
  • Admin can Enable/Disable this module from backend.
  • Admin can export the selected orders with check box and apply export orders actions by clicking on submit button.

Know More Details : http://www.ecomextension.com/order-import.html

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