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How To Disable Add To Cart Button But Show Prices In Magento

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    Default How To Disable Add To Cart Button But Show Prices In Magento

    How To Disable Add To Cart Button But Show Prices In Magento
    Easily with 7 steps:
    1. Install Hide price extension in your Magento community or enterprise editions. If it’s not already installed.
    2. Go to Admin -> Configuration -> HidePrice Settings.
    3. Configure Enquire settings tab.
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    Hello, here is another great Hide Price extension to show price but still disable Add to Cart button. You can apply this for any product, any category and for any customer group.
    Name:  hide_price_for_magento_2_log_in_to_see_price_1.png
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    Key features:
    1.Hide prices from non-registered customers, specific customer groups
    2.Hide price and replace Add to Cart button with a custom message
    3.Disable Add to Cart button and redirect customer to custom URL
    4.Disable price or Add to Cart button separately

    In case you want to replace the Add to Cart button with a Inquiry form in pop-up, you can check out this Hide Price Call For Price extension.
    Name:  hide_price_call_for_price_call_for_price_in_catalogue.png
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    Thank you for sharing.

    There is one more advanced Magento 2 extension allowing to hide the “Add to Cart” button and leave custom messages instead -


    Hide prices for selected customer groups
    Set the time limitation of price invisibility
    4 hiding modes are available:
    - Add the “Out of Stock” label
    - Hide prices in the entire store
    - Provide a custom message instead
    - Make prices visible without ability adding products to the shopping cart
    The price hiding modes are applied to all standard products' areas

    You can learn more about how to hide prices in Magento 2 here –

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    To disable add to cart button you have to first create a module as editing the core files can be a problem later. Create module.xml file in app/code/sitename/Mymodule/etc and add the the code follow these steps to disable add to cart button.

    Also to show price you can use Hide price extension as Itoris mentioned.


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