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dos and don'ts of designing

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    Website Design Do’s: Keep your website simple!
    Make sure that your website is friendly and visible on a variety of different browsers.
    Keep the structure of your web pages consistent throughout the website.
    Use standard styles for navigating around your website. Remember to keep it simple.
    Site map pages are crucial for all websites.
    It is very important that your titles, company name and logo are clear and easily visible.
    Ensure that your website is user friendly.
    Make sure that the text on the website is relevant.

    Website Design Don’ts: Don’t use page counters, they are very amateurish.
    Avoid flashing and spinning text and images. They are old fashioned, distracting to the reader and cause your website to load slower.
    Don’t use background music on your website, this makes your page too big to load, causing an increased download time.
    Automatic pop-up windows irritate and annoy your reader. Never use them!
    Don’t automatically resize your viewer’s browser window.
    Don’t use busy background on your website. Ensure that the colour of the background and text compliment each other and don’t clash. It can make it very difficult to read if the background and text are either too dark or too light.
    Don’t make all your text all or one of the following; bold, upper case or italics.
    Avoid using too many colours on your website.

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    You can make your text scroll from right to left, left to right ,make it bounce back and forth, make it scroll up or down or even make your text zoom in from the side and stay in the same place.


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