I work for a company as a Website Administrator - the guy who built our Website no longer works here - and it is proving to be a bit of a problem. You can view our website here:


I know my way round most things, but I'm not that familiar with Magento.

If anyone can help with any of my questions - that would be great.

- Website not Mobile Friendly
We have a Responsive theme "Vigoshop" running on the website - but it has always been terrible on Mobile. It's now got to the point where it barely loads and if it does - it doesn't function at all. The Menu doesn't always work - sometimes it throws the images all over the page. When the menu does work is doesn't display all of the pages on it. When you visit "Antiques for Sale" it should have a list of all of our Product Categories - but that doesn't load either. So anyone visiting our Website on a Mobile Phone will have to scroll through pages upon pages of items with no way to move to the section they want.

- Search function doesn't work
There is a Search bar installed - and if you know what you are looking for, you can find it. However being Antiques - the items aren't all labeled as simple as "Tea Pot / Gun" etc. I've found that the Meta Keywords don't help in this scenario, so the only way I can think of getting this to function properly is to edit all of the products with product tags in the description "victorian, wardrobe, mahogany" etc. Is there any other way to get this to actually work, without the tedious task of altering every last item?

- Plugins overlap on the Theme
There is a Google Translate and Currency Changer installed - we would like to have these at the very top of the page on the Header. However, I can't find a single way to edit this main Header of our Theme. These cause a further problem when viewing on Mobile as they jump across the page and sit on top of different buttons or pictures rather than stay stationary.

- No way to Fully Edit the Theme
I know how to change the page content and move things around and I know how to edit inside the theme itself. Changing colours, logos, placements of things etc.
However we want to get rid of the main Header (with the AstraAntiques Logo) - it's a giant waste of space, again when viewing on Mobile - the first and in some cases, only thing you see is this logo and a blank background. We have the logo moved across - with a clickable Phone Number. The Vigoshop theme is a Fashion theme - so we have 2x shopping Carts on the page - one is called My Bag - with a picture of a Bag. We don't want these either, yet there seems no way to get rid of them.

The only thing I can find about altering the theme to this degree is to do it via the Root Folders? FTP - to Filezilla and then edit. I don't know the ins and outs of that process or even how easy it is. OR if it will actually achieve the results we want.

- Changing the Theme
I feel a new Theme might help - but I don't know if Changing the theme would change the entire site layout. I don't want to lose the menus or the placements of items on the site - I just want to re-package it with something more along the lines of what we need. Will changing the theme ruin how it runs now - and will it take an extra amount of time to get it back to where it is?

- Enterprise Edition
Is it worth looking into upgrading to the Enterprise Edition - I can't seem to find exactly how much this thing costs either? OR quite how much difference running it will make.

- Edit Mobile Theme?
Should we manage to get a Mobile theme working - is this customizable? OR will this only remain as a pre-rendered Responsive design of the Website itself. Is there a way to build a separate Mobile site that uses the same Domain.

We need our site Mobile Friendly and we know we need to make some tweaks to how it looks and runs. This process is looking increasingly more complicated then we first thought.

Any help or advice would be great. Is this something we should look at getting a Developer in to change for us. Should we start from scratch and actually build a site we know how to work with that doesn't have these issues. OR is their a simple way to get it how we want it.

IF this is something you feel you can help sort out - can you please send back a quote to help us work with this. Then we shall get back to you.



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