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Magento GeoIP Redirect by Amasty!

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    Cool Magento GeoIP Redirect by Amasty!

    Magento GeoIP Redirect by Amasty will help you automatically define visitors' locations by IP and redirect them to relevant information. Segment store visitors by location to increase probability of purchase thanks to proper content presentation, familiar currency and language. The main features include:
    • Auto detect visitor's IP address
    • Redirect to all or particular urls
    • Exclude only specific urls
    • Redirect to store views based on IP
    • Currency change based on location

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    Thanks for sharing this extension, it is pretty helpful in targeting the specific country , region and excluding all others from accessing the website. Here is another similar extension with advance features to let merchants block by IP, Region or Country to access partial or whole website.

    For more details -

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    Cool extensions! here is our - GeoIP Store & Currency Switcher plugin for Magento
    - Automatically switches language, website, currency and tax rate depending on visitor's country
    - Restricts access for specific IP addresses and/or countries
    - Retrieves customer’s location using MaxMind GeoIP2 database
    - Automatically update the database from MaxMind's official website once a day

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    Come with MageSolution, you only need to customize your website to get all of the features like this extension show you. Very easy, right?
    Let's go!

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    For Magento 2, GEO IP Store Switcher extension also helps to improve shopping experience by auto redirect customers to suitable store view base on their IP address. Here are some main features of this extension:

    + Detects customer location based on IP address
    + Redirect customers to suitable store view that is set up by admin
    + Allow users to switch store view or not
    + Allow admin to exclude specific IPs and URLs for not redirecting
    + Restrict search engine crawlers from redirecting
    + Be able to set IP blacklist and country blacklist

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    Magento 2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location -Identify and redirect visitors to their native language site automatically for better understanding of your products.
    Modulebazaar's Magento2 Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location extension allows you to identify and redirect the user to the respective URL or store with their native language. Identifying the user's location based on the IP address


    Auto detection of user's IP address.
    IP's Location Based redirection by using the Maxmind look up table as reference.
    Redirect the users to their Native language store.
    Currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic.Looking for the currency exchange rate to know the products' actual cost is quite a task that customers generally don't prefer. The Magento 2 currency converter extension is the best that automatically converts the currency and display the price to the customers in the regional currency, which improves the checkout speed and conversion rate.
    Currency updator is handled by using custom GEOIP import services.
    We can Set the URL automatically and manually.After auto-recognization of the users' location, the Magento 2 GeoIP store switcher redirects the users to the region specific website in a particular languag
    Quick installation.
    Friendly Interface.
    The restriction settings enable the admin to block some IP addresses of those locations to browse the store. Also, the IP exceptions can be added where the enlisted IP addresses can be whitelisted to avoid store redirection.
    Benefits of using this extension:

    Increase the promotion by displaying right content to the right audience.
    Easy administration of global businesses with set of currencies and languages.
    Auto-switch to local language and currency increase the conversion rate.
    Dedicated store for each country gives a special impression to the visitors.

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