Brand new to the forum. I've been using Magento 1.9 for the past 6 months and have had fixed results with SEO.

I have my shop setup with a default .com store. I also have a store, .ca store and .in store. I have collected these domains over the years and decided to use them. In the end, I copied Amazon's platform where each store shares the same products, product images, product descriptions, etc. There is little to now difference between each product visible on any store. I figured that Google or other search engines, would essentially separate content for search engine results, Canada for Canada, etc. That hasn't happened.

Basically, my SEO guy has come to me and says that my international top level domains are becoming the top referring source for my .com site! In other words, Google is starting to look at each store as being on in the same and with so much of the content being identical it's hurting me.

At this point, I'm toying with two ideas. #1, just removing the other stores and 301 redirecting all the traffic to my .com site. Or #2, making unique content for each store view including product images and descriptions. There are two major problems with #2 as I see it. First off, that is a ton of new content to add. Basically with 63+ products and 3 additional stores, I'm looking at 189 new descriptions and 189 new product images. The other BIG problem is that I still share CMS pages like about us, shipping rates, etc which will take a lot of custom content as custom variables to change.

Like I said, I don't get it because Amazon shares every product and category across multiple stores. They seem to rank just fine. Or is Amazon just a different kind of beast that you can't compare any other site to?

Just wondering if at this option, it's unique content or that's it? Looking for best suggestions.

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