When doing online shopping today, customers are more and more unwilling to read the lengthy product descriptions. They seem to be more interested in watching a video with beautiful images, short lines of words and attractive effects introducing products in soft music. That is the reason why Cmsideas developed Magento Product Video.
This video extension allows Magento store owners to add a set of product videos as easily as they do with product images.With this Magento extension, they just need to put Video ULR in tab video in backend and click “Get New Video”, then this video will appear in frontend immediately. This module supports three popular video platforms which are YouTube, vimeo and Dailymotion. Moreover, admins can easily exclude/remove product videos in backend.
You can see details and use DEMO here: http://cmsideas.net/magento/magento-...extension.html
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Magento Product Video is the new Magento extension at Magento Cmsideas, we always study and design many new extensions help you and your company attract more customer.
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