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Optimize Magento site

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    Default Optimize Magento site

    Magento has become one of the most popular and effective e-commerce applications all over the world since its birth in 2001. There are numerous advantages and convenience that Magento brings about for a web store and its owner but we will save those in another post coming up next.

    In this article, we will mention a “dark-side” Magento users face, ie. Its undeniable resource costing consequence – reasons and recovery.This limitation alone will slowdown your website, and to some extent, irritates your customers for wasting their time. However, don’t Magento users be hopeless as we are still masterful enough to tackle this situation.
    Below are some of our practical solutions to optimize Magento site’s loading time relying on our own experience and ability in exploiting Magento for over 7 years.

    Modify .htaccess file

    In your .htaccess file, you can add the following code to enable mod_deflate module of Apache and it will increase the ability to compress your CSS, JS, Text in order to speed up the loading time.

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    Copy HTTP Request by Expires Headers

    When a customer visits your website for the first time, the site will load lots of HTTP requests. How to minimize these requests? We will use Expires Headers function to save unnecessary HTTP requests for the next visits. Simply add this code to your .htaccess file:

    Name:  dfdfd.png
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    Reduce the file size of images to be uploaded

    As far as you know, Magento is used for e-commerce website; therefore, all images on the site particular product images are essential. We need eye-catching images, of course, those are sometimes too big to fully load and time-costing. As a result, it is crucial for a store owner to find out a sensible solution to reduce the file size of images to be uploaded but still restrain the quality of the images. It will be critically helpful to reduce site’s capacity when you run it.
    We suggest a few feasible tips and directions for this issue. Trust us, it is completely simple and all you need is uploading your images to a system and it will return you re sized ones while the quality is kept. Now you can post similar-quality-shrunk images instead of old stone-sized ones. Below are our tips: (PNG images accepted only) (all images accepted)

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    Default Optimize Magento site

    Looks good. That is because DirectoryIndex is not set properly. So Apache dont know index.html should be displayed..

    Can you make index.php and see if it works ?

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