Top Ecommerce Checkout Strategies to improve Conversion Rates
When we hear the word “conversion” we often think landing pages, category and product page layouts and overall navigation. Let’s not forget the final point of conversion: The checkout process.

The checkout page(s) are your last chance to seal the deal and complete a sale. The process itself can make or break the transaction. Confused shoppers may contact you for assistance, but they account for a small percentage of people who have difficulties. The majority of shoppers encountering checkout problems will simply abandon shopping carts and look elsewhere. Today, Magesolution will show you Top Ecommerce Checkout Strategies to improve Conversion Rates and make the checkout process easy for even inexperienced shoppers.

Design and Layout

This is where much of the buyer’s decision to buy or not buy will rest – at first. Best shopping cart design practices will factor in here, such as ample use of whitespace, clear delineation of different steps in the order process, and these vital checkout-boosting points:

1. Give users a visual checkout process

while it’s ideal if you can fit everything onto one page, plenty of conversion studies have shown that the less clicks to checkout there are, the higher your conversion rate will be. If you need to spread things out across multiple pages, give the shopper a visual indicator of how far they’ve progressed.

One Step Checkout allows your customes have all checkout steps in only one step with Multi languages & Mobile theme support

2. Add checkout buttons to the top and bottom of the page -The less time that customers have to spend looking for them, the sooner they’ll take action

3. Include credit card logos and security seals - Let shoppers know your site is a secure, trusted place to do business. Popular security seals include Verisign and BizRate.

4. Give users the option to continue shopping from the checkout page - They may have forgotten something, and there’s nothing worse than hitting the back button and finding that all your cart details have vanished.

5. Differentiate checkout/continue shopping button colors -If you have these two buttons side by side, consider changing the color of one of them to make it visually separate from the others and lessen the chance that the user will click the wrong one. Add plenty of space in between them so there’s no mistaking where the user clicked.

6. Give visitors the option to create an account after checking out -There’s nothing more aggravating than being presented with the “Register to Create an Account!” popup first before you can complete your order. Removing it caused one online retailer’s sales to increase by $300 million! People will gladly give their contact information in order to track their purchase after the order rather than stopping to fill everything in beforehand.

7. Allow users to print or email their cart contents - In the case of certain purchases, they may be buying for someone else, need their manager or boss to sign off on the purchase or some other step that forces them to stop the checkout process. Make sure that if there has to be an interruption, you give them the tools necessary to make it as smooth as possible

8. Let buyers save their cart or add to wishlist - Many people use a shopping cart as a glorified wishlist, to save things for later. Why not give them the opportunity to do just that by letting them save their cart or optionally add products to a wishlist for a future purchase?

9. Exit popups don’t always work - Oftentimes, antivirus or browser software will stop popups in their tracks, preventing you from surveying the customer as to why they left their shopping cart. Instead, use email to follow-up and test adding a discount code or dollar value off if they complete their order.

10. Don’t forget to include - Links to your privacy policy, shipping details, FAQ and returns policy within easy reach of the checkout screen. You may also want to consider testing a live chat option on the checkout page in case the customer has any pre-sales questions before placing their order.


Magento Product questionsallows customers to ask questions and receive answers on product pages, like or dislike questions and answers. Customers can also search and see all questions, answers on FAQs page

11. Review one last time before it’s final

Give customers one last chance to make sure they ordered and entered everything correctly before they proceed with their order.

Optimizing Product Details


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