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Search Suite by MageWorx is designed to enhance the default Magento search by making it more user-centered, intuitive, customizable and interactive.

The extension is fully integrated with such powerful search engines as Sphinx, Solr and also has its own search engine, called Xsearch.

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In addition the extension is fitted with:

  • Advanced accuracy options (misspelled or mistyped keyword correction, excluding stop-words, synonyms support).
  • AJAX-based autocomplete Pop-Up that delivers immediate search results in a customizable window.
  • Customizable product search: they ability to narrow down search results to a specific category or attribute, include catalog categories and CMS pages, suggest related searches and more.
  • Calculating a search "weight" for every product feature.
  • The ability to define the search priority of each store item.

On top of that, the extension lets you get an insight into customer shopping preferences, products popularity, keywords conversion rate, customers’ location. Having this info at your disposal, you can adjust your sales strategies for a better effect.

Visit this page to learn more about the extension: Search Suite by MageWorx

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