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Magento Advance Search with Solr Extension by Biztech Consultancy

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    Default Magento Advance Search with Solr Extension by Biztech Consultancy

    Make your search faster, smarter and relevant! Yes, this is possible now by configuring Advanced Search with Solr Extension in your e-store.

    Advanced search with Solr extension is a power-packed enterprise research platform having plethora of useful features to make the product search more relevant and faster. When two powerful platforms integrate – the results are unique!

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    This is what we have tried to yield by integrating Magento with Solr – united two giants to simplify the product search if you own a large store with myriad of products range, making it cumbersome for your customers to search the products of their choice.

    Core Features for Customers

    Expedites Search
    It helps the customers to simplify by narrowing down and expediting the product search

    Conditions Based Search
    Search can be done based on multiple conditions like no. of reviews received by a product, no. of images the product has, no. of products sold and many more.

    Auto Search
    It also offers auto search suggestions for customers to select the best term matching their search.

    Layered Navigation
    Search results are displayed in layered navigation based on multiple attributes of different products.

    Page Results
    It displays search engine result page with the listing of no. of top results in single page

    Core Features for Admin

    Integrated Solr and Magento Data
    The admin can fetch Solr data from Magento admin panel as these two are integrated.

    Index Data
    Data is instantly indexed when products are saved once, even after being removed by the admin later on.

    To get Solr work on your server you can opt for either of the options:
    1. You should have dedicated server to allow us install solr in it.
    2. You can either purchase Amazon instance or we can also provide it at a cost applied for same.
    Our installation charge is $399 that includes solr installation and extension installation both.

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