Magento Shipping Discount Extension

Shipping discount extension give ability to store owner to apply fixed or percentage discount on Shipping charges.You can use any combination of shopping cart rules to provide discount on shipping method amount. Using "Percentage" discount option you can provide FREE SHIPPING and deduct whole shipping price using coupon code you setup from shopping cart rules


  • Allow to setup conditions using shopping cart rules
  • Calculate discount amount automatically based on Shipping Price
  • Provides ability to set FIXED or PERCENTAGE discount on shipping price
  • When use coupon it deduct discount amount only from Shipping Price instead of Subtotal
  • Ability to setup FREESHIPPING using coupon code
  • No extra configuration for extension
  • Completely work based on Shopping Cart Rules setup
  • Work with any shipping method
  • 100% Open Source, Lightweight


Checkout following blog post for how to use this extenison:

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