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Speed Up Magento starting at $500

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    Default Speed Up Magento starting at $500

    When it comes to online shopping, speed sells. If you’re slow, you are going to lose customers – you have just seconds to catch their interest so if your pages aren’t loading quickly, they will be off to a competitor’s site. But if you’re fast you will keep your customers happy – and happy customers keep coming back for more!

    That is why we at offer a Speed Up Magento Optimization service - as Magento backend experts we know exactly what it takes to speed up Magento performance and can do so without any impact on your services.

    So, if your Magento site is slower than you would like, talk to us. We use Magento optimization techniques such as Full Page Caching, our own Defer JavaScript Magento Extension, as well as many other internal Magento tweaks and hardware configurations. We perform Magento speed optimization according to Google Page Speed standards and the YSlow index.

    In contrast to the ‘one site fits all’ speed up magento plugins, this service is tailored to your exact requirements. That means we take into account the unique content and structure of your site, as well as the version of Magento you use, how much data you have, and any customizations you are running. This ensures data safety and site security but also leads to much faster speeds than you can hope to achieve with a plugin.

    When we’re done, your upgraded Magento site will be loading pages in just one or two seconds, meaning they literally load in a flash!

    You can also take a look at the results of our work by clicking on any of the websites below. We have improved Magento performance on all these sites to boost speed:


    After we have optimized your website, we will also suggest some simple procedures you can follow to ensure it always runs as quickly as possible.

    Our prices are very competitive and we can provide a specific quote that takes into account all your website’s operational details.

    Is your Magento slow? If you need to speed up Magento, please get in touch with us today. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and let you know exactly how long it will take to do the job.

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