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Turn keywords into dollars.

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    Default Turn keywords into dollars.

    In the online world, the value of choosing the right keywords for your website should never be taken lightly. These tags can create traffic (traffic) quality for your website, this will lead to increased sales, improved profitability.

    Therefore, the investment profit rate will also increase. In fact, the search engine keyword variable selection and content of the website becomes the most important factor in promoting your business online. Finally, if the web browser can not access your website, the website is only a single domain between the cyber world.

    Many people have made a mistake in the direction to which keywords lead to major traffic. Do not mistake than focusing on quantity. Many have faced problems even though their website is attracting a large number of traffic each day, but the conversion rate is very low turnover. In the majority of cases it is because of the poor choice of keywords only on the basis of traffic. Many people hope that the web design company will support the marketing and selection of keywords. The fact that the two processes are completely different.

    When people search for information on the Internet, they type in their browsers a word or a phrase certain. In Internet terminology, these words are called keywords or keyword phrases. The search engines use keywords to find the pages in our index relating to those keywords, then arrange them according to relevance. Technology that search engines use to rank algorithm called. In essence it is a mathematical formula.

    A long time ago, here is the easy way to achieve the desired ranking on the search engines for certain keywords without losing any cost. However, the online environment is becoming increasingly more competitive and more sites are developed every day, this is no longer a simple matter anymore. Therefore, the demand for advertising pay-per-click on the search engines has increased. This will make the selection of keywords becomes more important. So the fact that you are paying for each click on your site and it is important to choose your keywords to attract visitors to really believe in what you offer, so the use of keywords generally not a good strategy. The general keywords can increase your traffic, but without the quality traffic, your conversion rate will be low and the cost of marketing money will be wasted.

    Selection of relevant keywords, and effective and has a value of hard work. When the market changes, the value of the tag is also changing rapidly, evaluate and adapt to the changing environment is essential. In the process of selecting keywords, there is no way to know for sure whether the use of a word or key phrase certain to bring value in terms of sales and traffic or not. However, you can decide whether a word or key phrase will create value through estimates. Estimating the number of queries per month for each keyword, the number that the average cost per click on Overture statistics, and then multiplied by the average percentage of clicks that you desire. This formula will calculate your cost per month based on the keywords you choose. The cost per month can be compared with the estimated revenue derived from the converted clicks (clicks that lead to the transformation) to determine whether the keywords that fit or not.

    The relevance of the keyword is more important than the number of common keywords. The generic keywords are popular choices for your website can do steeped in traffic but the visitors that have not transferred to the buyer. To ensure that your keywords are valid, please pay attention to the keywords will send customers to your website really.

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