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Top 5 amazing extension to boost Holiday E-Commerce Sales

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    Default Top 5 amazing extension to boost Holiday E-Commerce Sales

    A big year-end holiday is coming near and you are putting many efforts to run some marketing programs in order to put more customers to your store and get their money out of their pockets, right? As you know, your competitors are seeing the same opportunities as you, and if you don’t do something different, your can never make out of the holidays. Today, Magentoconnect am going to suggest you some nice additions to your Magento store for holiday sales – Top 5 amazing extension to boost Holiday E-Commerce Sales and give your customer better shopping experience !

    Here are 5 must-have Magento extensions that will help your business to boost year-end Holidays sales :

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    Checkout Magento 2 One Step Checkout as one of the best extension in holiday season

    - Allow customers to checkout in one page only instead of going back and forth to complete information

    - Auto detect customer location, autosuggest and complete shipping address by Google API and Google Suggest

    - Auto update related information when there are any changes

    - Allow customers to select their delivery date and time for orders

    - Support multiple payment methods

    - Allow gift messages and newsletter subscriptions in the checkout page

    Check it out for FREE Installation - FREE 1-year Support and FREE Updates!

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    Thank you for sharing!

    The following Magento 2 extensions will be good tools in managing your online store:

    Catalog Permissions extension for Magento 2

    The plugin limits access to products or categories for selected customer groups. In situations when you need to hide some categories with no active products, redirect customers to a CMS page with promotions, or hide certain products without putting them out of stock, this extension will cover all your requirements.

    Hide Price extension for Magento 2

    The extension hides products, product prices, or entire categories for certain customer groups. Hide Price helps to manage prices' visibility for selected customer groups per category or per product. You can also remove the ability of adding products to cart and leave a custom message instead.

    Auto Related Products/Up-sells/Cross-sells extension for Magento 2

    The extension adds auto-related products/upsells/cross-sells to all products in store. You are able to specify the price range offering products with higher prices, set a number of products to be shown on Frontend.

    Product Questions and Answers extension for Magento 2

    The extension provides a plenty of useful features that will greatly extend the store’s functionality. After the plugin has been installed, the Product QA tab is built in all product pages. All questions and answers can be rated and sorted by relevance.

    CMS Display Rules for Magento 2

    The extension manages the visibility of all CMS pages and static blocks for selected customer groups. You are able to redirect customers and edit the visibility period, for example, during sales or promotions.

    Reassign Order extension for Magento 2

    The extension helps to reassign orders that are placed as guest's ones to an existing customer's account or move orders between accounts. Besides the manual settings the plugin assigns new orders automatically on checkout after the customer used the email linked to the account.

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