Sometimes your customers are just a step away from purchasing because they are lack of some information about a product or want to make sure they have selected the right one. You certainly don’t want to lose customers for such a circumstance. You want to supplement a good utility for your online shop which facilitates your customers to enter their questions of the products and get answered instantly right there. That would be a perfect solution and it’s exactly what our Magento product questions extension is providing.

Customer usually ask same question again and again , so instead of answering questions again and again you can create you own products knowledge base with Magento product questions extension. Having this extensions will help you save time spent on customer support answering same questions. Also help to increase your sales volume by improving chance of converting your visitors and increase your understanding of your customers concerns.

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Admin can approve or decline questions and answers
Admin can set a question to be private or public
Admin can create answers and questions in admin panel
Admin can create topics
Admin can assign the questions to a topic
Admin can assign the questions to other products
Admin can set who can add questions (registered or guest)
Admin can set who can rate questions (registered or guest)
Allow you to place FAQs block anywhere you want on your website

Improve SEO

Having this Magento extension will help you improve the search engine rankings of your product pages based on the highly relevant content that is generated by magento question and answer extension on the specific product pages .

Easy to install and use

Its designed with the native Magento store interface and allows you to be up and running within minutes. Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use , friendly and flexible configuration.

Magento product questions extension

Ability to show all topics and questions, answers on the FAQs page
SEO friendly
Ability to sort the questions by Latest, Score, Order
Ability to search the questions and answers on FAQs page
Allow you to enable or disable Captcha to prevent spam messages
Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
Friendly and flexible configuration
Cross-browsers compatibility
Full and well-organized document for installation and user manual

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