Hi All,

We have Admin Page Notes extension. These are functions of the extention:


Leave notes, comments, questions, reminders, instructions on any page in your Magento Admin panel. Great for Magento Beginners and Pros. You will find many different uses for it immediately after installation.


+ Leave notes on any Magento Admin/Backend page (this includes Products, Orders, Customers, Reports, Dashboard, etc...)

+ Use the Magento Global Search to search for any Page Note

+ Permissions based on user roles - you can decide what user roles can create, edit, and delete page notes

+ Mass Update Page notes, Mass Delete Page Notes

+ User friendly and intuitive interface

+ Follows Magento Coding Guidelines. Very high quality of code and thoroughly tested.

+ No core code is modified so next time you update Magento, the Magento Page Notes Extension will continue to work!

If you interest, you can go to our website Mage-Exten to review our extentions.

For more information visit : www.mage-exten.com
or you can e-mail us at : [email protected]

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