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This Magento extension allows your users to add gifting reminders for their loved ones. This unique extension can be used to set reminders on the online retail store along with a personalized message. The gifting reminder can be for a friend or a close relative and the person setting the reminder can be notified when the date draws close. In fact, the user can also set the number of days for getting advance notifications. The reminder can be emailed to a friend or a group of friends through the facility to add multiple email accounts. The user can even send greetings to the person through this extension. In such a scenario, this extension assumes an indispensable role and makes the website adding this extension extremely user-friendly. When the online business owner looks after the interests of his audience, he is rewarded with an increased customer-loyalty. Magento greeting cards module can be easily incorporated in an online store and brings immense benefits for the store.

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