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Magento Popup Extension

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    Default Magento Popup Extension

    Magebird Popup Module is currently the most advanced Popup Module for Magento on market. It allows you display register form, newsletter form, news, videos, shopping assistant, age verification, ads, promotions and other features with unlimited options.

    Download 7 days free trial from here, no credit card required.

    With many bonus features, mentioning just some of them:

    A B testing + Advanced statistics:
    -Average time per view
    -Window closed or page left without popup interaction
    -Clicked inside popup
    -Google analytics event tracking, 10+ different events such as Popup - User registered, Clicked inside popup, ...
    -Cookie support for A B testing

    Show on different timing and events:
    -Bounce popup (show when user try to leave your page)
    -Show when user uses scroller
    -Show after x seconds
    -Define when to show it again (Show until user close it, show only once, show every time, ...)

    Mobile and tablet support
    -Device selector
    -Tested on different devices. Responsive popup option included.

    Free widgets
    -Newsletter popup widget with dynamic coupon and Mailchimp integration. Generate dynamic coupon for those who subscribes.
    -Register popup with coupon
    -Facebook like, Twitter share and other social buttons. Generate dynamic coupon for visitors who like or share your page.

    Entire control where to show it
    -Select category
    -Select product ids
    -Select page
    -Define page pattern
    -Exclude pages

    Entire design and position control
    -Define vertical and horizontal position
    -Choose border colour and size
    -Choose corner style
    -Choose background
    -Define custom css style

    Even more
    -Close automatically after x seconds
    -Show to logged in or unlogged user
    -TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor
    -and 40+ extra settings

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    Personalize Discount popups for your target customer segments by Magento Visitor Segmentation by Magestore!
    Do you know only 2-3% of visitors turn into your customers in general? What about the rest? It's time for you to dig deep into visitor data, increase this conversion rate by handling specific visitor groups differently and effectively. Here come the help! Our simple yet powerful Magento Visitor Segmentation module analyses demographics and behaviors of your traffic, helping you can identify and take proper actions for targeted users, returning visitors as well as loyalty customers. Your revenue will grow rapidly thanks to the smarter, data-driven strategy you take.
    Create unlimited visitor segments

    Demographics: Age range, Gender, Language, City, Region, Country
    On-site Behavior: New Visitor, Time on site, Days Since Last Session, Date of First Session, Search term, Visited page, Transactions (number of orders), Total paid
    Traffic Source: Campaign, Medium, Source, Referral page
    Technology: Operating System, Browser, Device
    Analyse data by visitor segment

    Get overview of session, conversion rate, revenue, bounce rate data within a period
    Visualize session, revenue, conversion of each visitor segment in charts
    View detailed reports of each action/ notification with impression, conversion rate & revenue data

    Show targeted discounts effectively

    Write compelling content for popup notification
    Set a personal discount (shopping cart rules) for a selected visitor segment only
    Freely customize background, texture, position & size of popup notifications
    Support responsive popup notifications
    Preview notifications right in back-end

    Magento Visitor Segmentation extension is 100% Open source
    License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
    Easy to install and configure
    User-friendly interface

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    It’s all about crafting world class and proficiently perfect business solutions that we offer to our clients. We never settle for something less than the best!

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    Here is another advance popup module which allows you to create multiple popups and display them on different pages like Product, CMS, Home and category pages. The default static block feature of the Magento can be used to create multiple types of static blocks like Text, Images, Slider, Links etc

    For more detail - Advance Popup Module By FmeAddons

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