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What is the essential Rich snippets for my Magento 2 store ?

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    Default What is the essential Rich snippets for my Magento 2 store ?

    Before You Get Started: A Few Things to Take Care Of !
    First of all, What are Google Rich Snippets ? and Why are Rich Snippets great for Magento 2 Ecommerce Seo?
    Rich snippets are bits of code that tell the search engines about the details and information a webpage contains. The Rich Snippets are even more important than the rankings because they give your website to stand out in the organic search and greatly improve CTR ( click-through rate).

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    Now, Let us See Top 7 Crucial Rich Snippets For Magento 2 Ecommerce?

    While theres a large variety of possible rich snippets you can use, but only few of them are really useful for Magento2 e-commerce. Here is the top 7 most essential ones in conjunction with the Magento 2 Ecommerce.

    1. Product

    The product schema tells search engine that information on current page related to product. In default of Magento 2, there are many important options are missed such as brand, image, availability, offer, review etc

    2. Search box

    Another piece of Rich Snippets you need to add is search box. Basically, this feature allow you add improved sitelinks search box to Google search results. It will make it quite more convenient for customers to find a specific product on your store directly through your own site-search box in Google. In Magento 2, Search box Rich Snippet is not implemented

    2. Breadcrumbs

    As you know, the users want to be sure that a website is user-friendly and easy to navigate so the clear navigation is very important. By adding breadcrumbs rich snippets you can convince them of your site relevancy display breadcrumbs in search results. This micro data will also give Google a clearer idea of what each page is about on your site

    3. Pricing

    The pricing is a big factor when it comes to purchasing decisions, especially when its a commodity sold in multiple locations. In Magento 2 this snippet is implemented partially too. but some important attributes are missed including: item Condition, accepted Payment Methods, availability, special Price, etc

    5. Availability

    If someone leaves your page because your product is unavailable, theres a chance they might never come back. So you want to include that information up front. Magento 2 does not support and does not implement this schema. But SEO Suite implements rich snippet of availability, with a bunch of options for extended configuration.

    6. Organization

    The Organization Schema allows the search engine to better structure information about your company including the name, logo, location, opening hours, links to social pages, phones and other information . It also help you in building your brand or increasing brand awareness. Besides Google displays rich snippets only for highly authoritative sites, this is an additional warranty to visitors.

    In Magento 2, Organization Rich Snippet is not implemented.

    7. Ratings and reviews

    You cant sell anyone anything without first establishing credibility and trust so adding reviews to your product schema is a great way to boost shopper confidence. Magento 2.3 partially supports this rich snippet of aggregated rating. But the reviews markup is missed (as suggested by google specification). It is also worth noting that Rich Snippets arent implemented correctly on some pages, which negatively affects other results in the SERP.

    How to Add Essential Rich Snippets to Your Magento 2 store?

    In Magento 2 only two of seven key snippets are supported, and it is obviously not enough. If you want to make a difference as an eCommerce brand, then use the Google Rich Snippets for Magento 2 . It supports all of the listed essential Rich Snippets for your website and skyrocket it to the top of the searching results.

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    Effectively positioning your web crawler with Google rich scraps for Magento 2 which features significant data in indexed lists, to improve your site perceivability and giving solely focused on traffic to your store page.


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