A couple of hours ago w released two updates of our extensions.

GPN DATA For Magento - Version 1.2 Changelog:

  • New Feature: 3D secure support for recurring gateways
  • New Feature: Handling additional statuses from the API
  • Bug Fix: Cron - handling profiles in special cases
  • Bug Fix: Phone number - format
  • Bug Fix: Handling empty max cycles field

Bulk Orders Center For Magento - Version 1.0.1 Changelog:

  • Changed: Multiple super attributes which depend on each other are now supported
  • Changed: Optimization of DOM traverse in a JS code
  • Changed: Optimization of AJAX response of the cart
  • Changed: Product configuration popup now saves the previously chosen options
  • Removed: Unnecessary modal boxes
  • Bug Fix: Tax counting for the list of products
  • Bug Fix: Prices display of configurable type products while Simple Configurable Products extension is enabled

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