I have set up Paypal Payments Standard in Magento 1.8.0 but i am always getting Suspected Fraud status for each transaction/payment i make. This is quite frustrating since i don't get this error while in Sandbox Mode and i have to do real transactions to test this behavior.

In Magento Paypal configuration i have
Payment Action: Sale
Transfer Cart Line Items: No
Enable SSL verification: No
I have also installed this extension https://github.com/magento-hackathon/PaypalRoundBugfix and disabled Transfer Cart Line Items to avoid differences between the prices sent from Magento and calculated by Paypal. Infact the amounts are exactly the same. I have also tried with the above configurations set to yes and without that extension installed, but with no luck.

In Magento if i go to the Order detail under the Payment Information tab i have
Payer Status: verified
Payer Address Status: unconfirmed
While in the Comments History there is written
Suspected Fraud
Customer Notification Not Applicable 
IPN "Completed". Order is suspended as its capture amount  2,22 is suspected to be fraudulent. Transaction ID: "9FN02..........".
While in the Transaction detail, the transaction data is
Transaction ID: 9FN02..........
Parent Transaction ID: N/A
Order ID: 200000021
Transaction Type: capture
Is Closed: No
What could be the problem?

At the moment i am on a test environment so the website has SSL but it is still not verified since there is no domain pointing to the server yet (this is the reason why i disabled SSL verification for the moment). DNS change will be done before going live. In Paypal everything is set as its default values/settings, no fees or shipping costs are defined. I am using Magento for tax calculation, no extensions.

Please i really hope someone can help me out, i have been trying for the last days but found no solution. Thanks

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