I want to get customer session in a directory which is outside of my magento main directory.

For exmaple,

root/magento/ => is my installation dir
root/temp/ => is my test folder
root/checksession.php => is the file on root of magento installation
root/temp/checksession.php => is the file outside of magento dir and inside of external dir.

Here i am getting the customer session in root/checksession.php but i don't know why the same coding is not working with root/temp/checksession.php

I Have tried to include, define and php session methods, but still its not working.

Do any one have idea, how it is possible to get magento session in root/temp/checksession.php file???

Please check it once, if you have idea or solution.

Steps when you get Problem

=> Login
=> Check on Root File
=> Check on Root Folders File (May You will get Customer Session)

=> Repeat above steps.

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