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Must consider these Magento extension while developing an eCommerce website

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    I would also add some more extensions to your great list:

    Improved Layered Navigation
    This extension combines 7 mods and has all functions for site navigation you need and even more.

    Magento Color Swatches Pro
    This extension will help you show your products with lightbox and zoom as well as replace product attributes with pictures.

    Magento Advanced Search Pro
    Good search is vital for every store, so this extension is a must. It helps make site search much more relevant and adds autocomplete feature.

    Magento Custom Stock Status
    Displaying customized stock statuses will help to grab users attention to particular products and increase conversion rate.

    Special Promotions
    This is a great way to use promotions to the full. You can create different cart price rules and give your customer discounts.

    Hope that helps!

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    Great list of extensions!

    Magento has different extensions which are great in helping store owners maximize conversions.
    Here are some of my personal favorites:

    1. One Page Checkout- IWD Extension-
    I've always thought and I am sure a lot of customers like me feel the checkout process is a really tedious one.
    One Page checkout is an excellent solution which lets you reduce nearly 6 checkout steps to just 1. It facilitates multiple languages and is also integrated with paypal.

    2. Unbxd Magento Site Search Extension-

    Research shows that customers who search are 2x more likely to convert. Offering a non-relevant or error prone site could lower your conversions & revenue.

    Unbxd recently launched a 360 ° site search solution with unmatched relevance, advanced error-tolerance, merchandising, analytics and more for Magento.

    Unbxd Site Search comes with:

    1. Highly relevant search technology (Even for complex queries like ‘Brown leather jacket‘.)
    2. Advanced spell check. (This has traditionally been an issue with Magento’s default site search)
    3. 4 different autocomplete templates.
    4. and much more.........

    It's incredibly easy to integrate with just 3 easy steps and comes with 40+ features catering to every aspect of digital retail site search, with dramatic conversion results.

    3. Banner Slider -

    I am personally a fan of flashy and animated content. Thats precisely what the banner store caters to. This app lets you create slides at the back end and flashes it to customers in the front end. Really simple yet powerful. It won’t go unnoticed with shoppers!

    4. Mobile Assistant by eMagicOne-

    I am certain a lot of store owners away from their computers have concerns about what is going on in their stores. With my experiences in the digital retail business, I find this app really useful because it notifies store owners in real time about everything from looking up necessary products to notifications on orders, new customers and much more! Although this doesn't impact conversions directly, it is a very handy tool retailers can use to monitor their stores.

    5. Beetailer social commerce platform-

    In an age where everyone is connected via social media, it is essential for businesses to reach out to a large portion of potential customers on these platforms. Beetailer integrates your store to facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The app lets you customize and put your entire store on facebook allowing users to like and share the products with their friends.

    6. Abandoned carts alerts pro by AdjustWare-

    Majority of shoppers who abandon shopping cart for various reasons generally have a higher intent of purchase. This is a great little app with a simple functionality that allows you to send timely reminders to customers about products in their carts ensuring that there are no missed conversion opportunities.

    A gentle tip: You might not want to over do it with the reminders, it might turn against you.

    Thanks, I hope this helps!

    Disclaimer- *I work for Unbxd*

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    All extension are good. But I would like to add some more wonderful extension that increase overall sales and performance of your store.

    Advance Dependent Custom Option In Magento
    Make dependent custom options which makes easy for your customer to purchase quickly what they need.

    Blue Dart Shipping Integration In Magento Extension
    The extension allows any Magento store to integrate with Bluedart Shipment method

    Price Based On Customer Group
    This extension helps Magento admin to setup and show price based on customer group.

    Magento Enhanced Abandoned Cart Email Extension
    Send follow up emails to the customer of Abandoned cart.

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